Congratulations to our 2019 HOTY winners!


Hawkesbury Dressage


2019 RULES

1. Both the owner and the rider(s) of the horse must be financial members of the club at the time of competing.

2. Competition runs through the calendar year. Horses are eligible from owner and rider’s joining date. All points accrued prior to this date are ineligible.

3. To be eligible for HOTY, owners, riders or a representative of that horse, must work a minimum of 4 hours across 4 events (competitions and/or training days) during the calendar year. This may be done all at one event or at various events throughout the year.

4. There will be a volunteer sign in book at our event office at each of our competitions. Volunteers will need to sign in AND out to record the hours completed. A committee representative must verify hours upon completion.

5. The following awards are offered in 2019: – Closed Unrestricted HOTY – Preliminary HOTY – Novice HOTY – Elementary HOTY – Medium HOTY – Advanced HOTY – FEI HOTY – Pony OTY – Supreme HOTY The Closed Unrestricted HOTY award will be a combination of both Preliminary and Novice Closed Unrestricted classes at both competitions and members only classes. All other levels will be awarded for combinations in Official Competitive classes.

6. HOTY winners are not eligible to compete for HOTY at the same level in subsequent years (FEI and Ponies are an exception to this rule).

7. Points are limited to the 2 highest scoring tests of the day per horse/rider combination (NB no points for freestyles, choose your own tests and horses competing HC).

8. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 30 pts, 2nd = 29 pts, 3rd = 28pts, 4th = 27 pts down to 30th= 1pt. The members will be awarded points according to their placing in the test NOT where they rank compared to other members.

9. Points will be awarded for each division if the tests are divided.

10. Equal placings receive equal points

11. If there are two horses on equal results at the end of the year, the highest average percentage will be the winner. If they are still equal then the higher place getter in the more difficult test (.2 or .3) at the Championships is the winner.

12. Supreme HOTY is awarded to the horse or pony that accrues the most points over the year.

13. Results will be posted after all point scores, volunteer hours and membership status have been verified.

14. The committee’s decision will be final when awarding HOTY winners.

15. If there are no riders who have completed the qualifying hours at a particular level, the trophy will not be awarded. Any questions please contact the HOTY Point Score Co-ordinator Justin Worthy :


Congratulations to our 2018 HOTY winners!

Pony Champion: Langtree Opium – Justin Worthy

Preliminary HOTY: Benjamin Britten – Justin Worthy

Novice HOTY:

Elementary HOTY:Not awarded this year: cannot be won twice by same combination

Medium HOTY: TS Watchout – Melissa Yee

Advanced HOTY:

FEI HOTY: Peru – Martha Cobbold

Supreme HOTY: Langtree Opium – Justin Worthy